We’re retiring the monthly ad drive. We may run another fund drive in the future, but it will most likely be a directed effort towards some one-off want or need.

One of the upshots of our ad-free experiment is that we found out some of you really liked the bonus content.

Here at our lab, Jennie draws about 1.25 strips per day. The production of this delicious gif-amphetamine has quite a few precursors. There’s audio notes, reference photos and video that Jennie uses to create her product.

Some of you may have noticed that 1.25 is more than one strip a day, and it is. There are a lot of strips that are created but are never posted, and these are usually reserved or specifically created for the books. Sometimes strips are finished, but are totally reworked before going up.

Between the behind the scenes material and the extra comics, that’s a lot of stuff, something ad-repellant contributors have already discovered.

Now we’re offering it up again.

For $5.00 a month, you will be subscribed to a mailing list via which Jen will distribute some of these materials. Instead of monthly mega doses of content as before, they will be sprinkled throughout the month, littering your desolate inbox like precious meteorites on the Antarctic plains.

So, subscribe now, and enjoy your occasional smattering of Devil’s Panties Bonus Booty!