It doesn’t just have to be good vs evil, how about a little plain old mischief?

We’re aiming to complete our family of photogenic manipulators by bringing the Pretty Princess to life as a plush doll. However with a project this large and expensive, we need your help once more.

So, it’s time for another Kickstarter.

As usual we have lots of unique and amazing rewards for your contribution, but this time around we have a ton of addons so you can craft your own custom reward. We had a lot of demand for this last time, and we finally figured out a way to do it cleanly.

Please pitch in what you can, or share the campaign with your friends. We really want this doll, and we want you all to have one as well.

If you guys manage to help us fund the Pretty Princess, depending on how things go, there might be other surprises in store.

Thank you all so much!