Houston was awesome! Usually if a conservative couple walk by my table I feel I have to explain myself “No really, it’s a comic about buying a house and normal things, not satanic porn.” But in Houston the conservative couples walked right up to my table and said “oh my, this looks interesting. How lovely!” It was great. The panels were fantastic. Perfictly balanced with only about three people per panel. If you have five or more than it’s hard for everyone to get a chance to talk.

oh! oh! and when I first walked into the Hilton to check in there were nothing but amazing fabulous men everywhere. The only women I could see were the ones working there. I almost got whiplash looking at all the gorgeous gay men. I died trying to figure out what convention they could be there for. I’m sure a few of them were secretly geeky enough to want to go to the comic convention but they were all WAY too well groomed to be there for just that. It turns out that there’s a Volley Ball national championship or something in the same convention center as Comicpalooza. Not only Volley ball, but I was told that it was specifically gay mens valley ball. I couldn’t stop squealing. It sounds so awesome.