I’ll be in Birmingham Alabama this weekend for the Phoenix Festival.

I’ve got four panels scheduled

Chicks with Markers – Friday 8:00pm Room 1

Jennie Breeden, Kittyhawk, Charis Taylor and Lysa Shin are four women that work in the comic industry and are here to discuss getting there and other antics along the way…or something like that…or they could just be in here trying to test our censorship abilities…either way, don’t miss this ride!


Devil’s Panties – Saturday 10:00am Room 1

Guess what this one is about? The Online Comic sensation that is The Devil’s Panties with the awesome creative force that is Jennie Breeden!


Girls gone wild – Saturday at 10pm in Room 1

We all agree: drawing hentai is awesome. So why not come talk to hentai artists Kittyhawk and Jennie Breeden from FilthyFigments.com, the all-women hentai circle? It’s guaranteed to be awesome!


Strip Show – Sunday 2:30pm Room 1

Join Jennie Breeden, Tom Briscoe, and KittyHawk as they discuss the fun, trials, tribulations, and adventure in practicing the classic art of the comic strip!