We’ll be a daunting 12 miles from our house this weekend to exhibit at AWA. It’s a nice cooldown convention from Dragoncon, and it’s a great show! It will also mark the 2nd to last convention of this year, then my dearest will visit the frozen north to finish this year’s convention season.

We’re doing something a little different at AWA this year. We’ve made a special limited run of flyers, along with our usual fare. These special flyers belong to a series of 4. Collect all 4, bring them to our table, and you’ll get a free copy of Devil’s Panties Volume One! Three of the flyers will be distributed via the convention bags, and you’ll be able to trade with other people to acquire those three. The 4th however… well, there’s the hunting part.

We’ll be hiding several of these fourth flyers throughout the convention.

To help you find these golden tickets(which are actually white), I’ll be tweeting via @devilspanties over the weekend and dropping clues as to where the flyers are hidden.

Happy Hunting!