We’re resurrecting the old monthly campaign drive, combining it with Bonus Booty, adding new rewards, and going for some new goals.

And we’re wrapping it all up in Patreon.

Patreon is sorta like Kickstarter, but instead of supporting one humongo project, you’re supporting ongoing, smaller efforts. You’re pledging for a unit of work. Most people on Patreon ask for support per thing(in our case that thing is a comic strip), but since Jennie updates every day, and we’re not in the bankrupting business, our unit of work is a month of daily updates.

Just like Kickstarter, there are rewards and goals.

For rewards, the new stuff in addition to Bonus Booty is access to a monthly livestream and signed, high resolution copies of the month’s most popular comics.

The goals are the big news for long-time readers. Depending on the amount of direct patronage we get per month, Customers Suck and Geebas on Parade can make a comeback. Jennie has been wanting to make new Customer’s Suck and Geebas for a long time, but she’s been so busy traveling and working on other sources of income that they’ve fallen by the way-way-side. This is a chance to resurrect them via your support.

Check out our Patreon Page, check out the rewards, and pledge what you can. Or just watch Jen make an adorable goofball of herself.

Thank you all for being awesome.


P.S. Current Bonus Booty subscribers will continue to receive all the Patreon rewards for the $5 and below level, this includes wallpapers. There is no need to switch unless you want a higher or lower level of reward.