What the hell is this crap?

It’s a semi-autobiographical daily journal comic about my life.

Life happens, comics ensue.

Sometimes Jesus and The Devil show up.

What’s with your spelling?

I have dyslexia. It takes me a while to learn things and when I finally do I tend to get them mixed up. So English spelling, being chock full of IF/UNLESS/SOMETIMES/BUTNOTALWAYS bullshit, is basically my fucking kryptonite.

When I first started the comic I was working two jobs and struggling to find a decent place to live. I barely managed to even get the comics done on time. As things got better for me I spent more time spell checking and using a dictionary. For the print books I actually got an editor to go through them all.

Eventually I got an editor for the daily strips.

I do apologize for the errors in the earlier strips, and sometimes I want to go back and edit all the web versions of the comics, but I like to keep them as a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come.

tl;dr I’m dyslexic, I got better about it.

Where did you get your boots?

My Mommy got them for me. They’re New Rocks.

Where did the title come from?

I had a list of titles for the comic. I asked friends what I should name it. My friend DJ had a title she was doing to use for her band (she doesn’t play an instrument, but just in case she was ever in a band she had a name picked out). “The Devil’s Panties”. I wanted to call it “Reality’s Victim” but everyone who heard “The Devil’s Panties” would stop and say “I don’t know what that is but I want to find out”. Only years later did I find out that it was taken from “Miss Congeniality”.
“I wanted to get the red undies but my mother said that they were the Satans Panties!”

How much of the comic is taken from real life?

Pretty much all of it. Obviously I’m not necessarily on first name basis with Jesus or Satan but other than that I wrote everything else down as it happened. I carry a recorder around with me and when something happens and everyone laughs I click it on and say “do that again!”

What do you use to draw your comic?

The older comics were penciled and inked then scanned with minor cleanup occurring on the computer. The newer comics (2010+) Are pencilled, scanned and inked with a Wacom Intous tablet.

How do I get started in Webcomics

1) Steal Ramen
2) Draw a strip
3) Post it Somewhere(Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Reddit)
4) ???
5) Buy Ramen.

How do I host a Webcomic?

Read this article. It’s a bit long but the idea is that you want to avoid getting your hands dirty when it comes to hosting.

tl;dr Buy your domain, put it on Tumblr.

You’re Awesome, but I’m Le Poor, how do I support you!?

At its core, this comic is a free thing on the web. If you like it, share it with a friend (or don’t). Not the best business plan (see above) but I don’t really expect anything back from doing what I love except my own endorphins.

You’re Awesome, I have money, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!#%

I have a Store where you can buy merch. We also accept donations.

How do you use your donations?

They keep our lights on.

Is it ok if I post your comic to $AWESOME_SITE?

Yes please! Twumblitur away. All we ask is that you keep the copyright info intact.

RSS Feed?


What ever happened to Character X?

Life happens, things change, friends move away.