Collection and Sharing of Information

By The Devil’s Panties

We collect the following information about you:

    – Information submitted via a form to this site.
    – Anything the network transaction protocol (HTTP,TCP etc) presents to our servers.

Personally Identifiable Information in its raw form will not be shared with other parties except when required by law enforcement or when reporting abuse.

Information collected by The Devil’s Panties may be shared with other parties in a non personally identifiable form.

Comments submitted to a post will publicly display the Username, Avatar and URL that you provide.

By Others

We make use of third party sites and services (including but not exclusive to: Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Amazon, Google, Contextweb etc). We are in no way responsible for the information you submit to these parties and defer to the third party’s privacy policy for any interaction involving them.

PCI Statement

We don’t process credit cards. Please see the third party’s(Amazon, Paypal, etc) policy on PCI compliance.