Hundreds of Dust players showed up in Reykjavik, Iceland this weekend for CCP’s Fanfest 2014, where there was to be a big announcement regarding Dust 514.

During that announcement, CCP essentially declared Dust 514 was dead, that new features will be delivered via a new thing called Project Legion. They also provided no solid roadmap for transferring existing Dust players’ characters, assets, and accomplishments.

Worse still, they were running an online event in Dust leading up to Fanfest which required a purchase with real money to receive the full benefits of the event.

The results so far are fairly devastating.

CCP is a pretty responsive company, but boy do they have a LOT of backpedaling to do in order to fix this blunder.


UPDATE: It looks like CCP has made a clarifying statement on character transfer, however the language is still rather vague. The statement also says that a PS4 port is not planned. While I am *THRILLED* for a PC port, leaving console players hanging is a mistake. CCP should at least promise to build a PS4 binary, which would put the ball firmly in Sony’s court, and earn much good will from their existing console fanbase.