Obby’s been working on updating the website. The down side is that there will be more advertising banners but the up side is that there’s going to be piles more information and interaction. These are all the tweaks that I want to do but don’t have the time or knowledge to do them. Obby is amazing in that he’s interested and willing to tackle this.

In addition to the new site material there’s going to be some downloads in the store. I just have to set some of the books up as downloads and there’s going to be these amazing video downloads available. When something funny happens, I take an audio recording of it and photos for reference. I’m putting together little videos that have the comic strip along with the photo reference and audio of what’s going on.

After I get the advertising set up and the downloads finished then I’m going to try and fix the Geebas site. The back button is broken for some reason. So Geebas is on the list to do, it’s just not at the top just yet. Geebas will never die, it’s just in a mild coma.