Hello, brave soul, and welcome to the archives.

Stretched before you is a long, meandering path, illustrated through thousands and thousands of comics. The way ahead is treacherous and unmaintained, and many a reader has fallen victim to misspellings, ink splotches, and 3am panic strips. The adventurous among you may proceed, however, there is another path.

It is an easier path.

Spelling has been fixed, comics redrawn, new comics created to fill the gaps, and behind the scenes goodies have been added for the curious among you.

Some would say it is the better path.

Volume 1 will carry you through the first 2 years of your journey. From there this online path is less rocky, but not as beautiful or enhanced.

There is a toll, of course, but we think it will be worth your while.

Check it out at our store, or flip through it on Amazon.

Whatever your path, traveller, we hope you enjoy the journey more than the destination, as the path is still being built, and there is no end in sight.