Just got back from Dallas and gotta draw and ink todays comic. I got to sleep some in the car while Gina’s husband drove but when I got home I think I used up that rest reading some of the comic books that I got at the show… If Obby asks, it was research.

Akon was awesome! got to see piles of convention friends and did lotsa great over sharing of inappropriateness during panels. I have learned many things.

#1. When drunk and/or over caffeinated at a panel I chose my words and am careful not to over share. If I am sober, I have no such filter and everything just plops out of my mouth without a second thought and the next thing I know I’m …. nevermind.

#2. If I’m on my own in a panel, and no one is there to curb my rambling, it adds to the rampant over share.

#3. I should not post blog entries at 2am after a 13 hour drive… 3 parts Simply Limeade and 1 third Havana Rum…it’s a really really dangerous thing.


Anywho, this is the best photo ever mostly because of the awesome ladies from Adamo Anothology (and other books?) are in the background.

Akon 2011

Sleep time.