I have about 80 recorded notes on the Boston Anime Convention with The Pirate Nigel and going to the Sheep and Wool festival with Happygoth and Dragon Con goddess. The thing is, both of these “story lines” will take about a day to map out. I have to write out each comic so that I can figure out what goes first, make sure I get all the points, and there’s some sort of flow from beginning to end… ish. So I try to put some filler in between the ren fest comics and the rest. So thursday and friday will be “filler”.

I’ve wanted to do a comic about this for a while. When you sit down in the bathroom and find a good book and then next thing you know your feet are asleep and family members are pronouncing you dead. I’m shaking my foot in that first panel because it’s fallen asleep. I like how I’ve got myself draped over Obby. I have been told that I have to stop finishing a comic with Obby’s face in my boobs. So this one just has his chin in there.

Third panel, you can always tell when I’ve used photo reference.