So Happy Goth’s husband found a set of Creation Adventure Team DVDs, and somehow convinced us to watch it. We were expecting it to be so bad it’s good, but it blasted right past bad and became nearly unbearable to watch.

Whatever organ causes cringing was trying to leap out of my thorax.

What we were expecting was a few logical fallacies to shoot down and chuckle over while drinking some beers, what we got was a terribly produced film that just stated dogmatic opinion after opinion, while simply mocking scientific explanations.

Eventually, though embarrassingly not immediately, it finally clicked for me that this wasn’t some great creationist treatise, but a simple brainwashing film meant to indoctrinate children. That was the horrifying part, and something the creationist camp gleefully admits to.

The Biblical Reality Glasses were an actual thing from the video. They were glasses that you needed to put on to see the creationist version of the truth. I couldn’t have made a better analogy if I tried.

Some incredible person made a condensed edit of the first episode and posted it on Youtube.

Sit through the whole thing, the jingle at the end is just fantastic.


P.S. Yes, I am aware that very few Christians are actually creationists.